What Type of Chores Can I Ask My Kids to Do?


I have to admit – in my house, getting my kids to pitch in and help with the chores used to be a big challenge. After getting tired of nagging and reminding them, I would just give up and do everything myself. Then for several weeks, we used a chore chart and it worked like a charm. Now I don’t need any more chore charts or nagging – it became part of the daily routine. The kids know what’s expected of them, and do it themselves. Phew!

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How to Have a Memorable Father’s Day with Your Family


Father’s Day is supposed to be your day, but how about giving your family a gift that everyone can share? Celebrate the end of your kids’ school year and you being an awesome dad by sharing some special moments together. Here are some fun things you can do with your kids this Father’s Day.

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Best Science Museums for Kids and Families


Do your kids love science? Lucky you! Here are some of the best science museums for kids and families that you can visit on your next family vacation. The cities that we cover in this post are Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. If you live in one of those cities, or if you’re heading there for your next family vacation, check out this handy guide of must-see destinations!

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Are Your Kids Ready for a Sleepaway Camp?


Most kids start showing interest in sleepaway camps when they are between 7 and 9 years old. But every child is different. Here are some tips for how to decide when your kids are ready for an overnight camp, and how to prepare them for their first sleepaway camp experience.

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How to Plan a Family Camping Trip


Camping is a great (and inexpensive) option for a summer family vacation. If you are planning your very first camping trip with the kids, things can get pretty stressful. That is why we prepared a list of tips for you to use before you head out into the wilderness. Planning should be a fun experience for you family, so read on and lift the stress off your shoulders!

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How to Find the Best Summer Camp for Your Kid



Summer is almost here! Hopefully your summer is already (mostly) planned. But if you still need to arrange some summer camps, don’t panic. It’s not too late!

Follow the handy step-by-step guide below to choose the best summer camp for your child.

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Summer Survival Guide for Busy Parents


Summer is almost here! Summer is a happy time for kids. But for many working parents, summers can be stressful. You might only be able to take one or two weeks off for a summer vacation with your family. How do you keep your kids busy, happy, and safe the rest of the time?

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Calroo Family App Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Giveaway


Today is very special – it’s Mother’s Day! We wish all the wonderful Moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you do for your kids and your families!

At Calroo, we believe that every day is Mother’s Day. So today, we’re announcing our Mother’s Day Giveway! Enter the giveaway here – and share it with your friends to increase your chances of winning! Winners will be selected on May 29th, so don’t delay!

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Best DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up! Here are some easy and fun-to-make gifts that your kids can make for their favorite person – their Mom! Choose from the selection of impressive art ideas that we have found. Even though they all look amazing and maybe even difficult to make, they are not hard at all. In […]

25 “Egg-straordinary” DIY Easter Egg Designs


One of the most fun Easter family activities is dying Easter eggs. We have gathered 25 different techniques of dying Easter eggs, ranging from simple ballpoint pen doodled eggs to more elaborate ones, like dyed robin eggs. Now it’s your turn! See what materials you have on hand, and kick off your Easter eggs dying party!

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